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Important Notice: Nightline is becoming UPS

Effective immediately, all international shipments must be processed through

All Nightline customer accounts who wish to continue to avail of our parcel delivery services will be migrated to the UPS platform by 25th September 2020, on which date we will be making our last delivery of parcels under Nightline labels and systems.

For further information, please contact your sales representative or email us at [email protected]

Nightline Group

Vision & Values

‘Connect with the Customer’ Ask our customers what they value most about Nightline and you’ll hear many opinions.

Ask our customers what they value most about Nightline and you’ll hear many opinions. ‘Nightline really gets it’ , one will say  ‘They know the Irish market’ claims another. ‘Nightline connects on a personal & professional level’ – all clients agree on that.

Security, safety, accessibility, expertise, consistency – these are the things we care about most.  These are the values we deliver.
Always have, always will.


‘Don’t delay, achieve results today’.
As the largest Irish parcel carrier (by volume and share of the Irish market) Nightline is the most effective operating on the island of Ireland. In the depths of recession, we grew volumes by over 20% every year.  We consistently  achieve a measurable and verifiable 98%+ punctuality record.  We developed a Courier Network to provide same-day deliveries to every corner of the country.

We like to think that Nightline is straightforward in the way we do business – we want to help our clients move straight, forward.

Smart Moves
Smartship®, our in-house developed proprietary technology system, drives efficiencies.  We allow customers track deliveries in real time.  And as people buy more online, we introduced Parcel Motel – a game changing new way for customers to manage their online shopping deliveries.

When Nightline moves, we move fast.  Straight, forward