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Every delivery tells a story…GameStop

Every delivery tells a story…GameStop

The value of the hardware and software demands constant GPS tracking and non-stop driving to secure approved facilities

GameStop is the worldʼs leading multi-channel video game retailer. With 6,650 retail outlets in 15 countries, GameStop is at the leading edge of fast moving high value electronics retail and has a significant ecommerce presence at  The company offers the most popular games, hardware and game accessories for next generation video game systems and the PC.
Launches of new games need to be timed to perfection, which was never more than the case in 2013 which saw the biggest launch of new gaming hardware and software for eight years with the unveiling of the highly anticipated Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft X-Box One. Expected demand for these consoles and their accompanying new game titles was massive in the runup to Christmas that year.

The Requirement

Nightline International initiated a series of logistics planning meetings with GameStop in early 2013 to prepare for the launch (and delivery) of the new gaming hardware and
some of the biggest title releases to hit the market for some time.
GameStop also wanted to develop and launch a new online platform to allow its customers to buy and trade games on-line in the UK, and for their clients to receive home deliveries.

The Solution

To ensure everything went smoothly, Gamestop teamed up with Nightline International, part of the Nightline Logistics Group in Ireland. Nightline International is dedicated to handling overseas
shipments and cargo and has struck key partnershipsin the UK and Europe with the Partnerlink Europe network. These relationships gave Nightline International a wide variety of routes along which they could ship both to and from a large number of key locations across the UK and Europe.

Nightline International designed a total logistics solution to meet GameStopʼs varied and unique demands covering a multitude of transport services and modes. With high security requirements, due to the value of the hardware and software, and with total secrecy paramount, driver-accompanied vehicles fitted with constant GPS tracking (truck and trailer) and remote
alarm settings, were regularly placed at short notice to collect new hardware and software titles from secret locations in the UK and Europe.
These vehicles were driven non-stop (often engaging two-man teams) to Nightlineʼs high security TAPA A approved facility in Dublin from where the loads were distributed to GameStop
stores across Ireland, often within 12 hours. Many of these deliveries were planned to coincide with midnight product launches to tie in with major publicity campaigns, so it was vital that Nightline
International met its clients requirements at all times – which they did without fail.

At the same time GameStop launched their new on-line shopping platform for customers in the UK. Nightline International provided all the highly time sensitive logistics services required to ensure that GameStop met its customersʼ express shipping demands (including home delivery), not only for new games but also in providing reverse logistics services to collect and return games that were being traded in.

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Posted on 27/03/2014