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All Nightline customer accounts who wish to continue to avail of our parcel delivery services will be migrated to the UPS platform by 25th September 2020, on which date we will be making our last delivery of parcels under Nightline labels and systems.

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Magnificent Seven for Nightline as Depot Network Achieves Security Gold Standard

Magnificent Seven for Nightline as Depot Network Achieves Security Gold Standard

The operations of Ireland’s largest independent delivery firm have received a comprehensive endorsement from the body in charge of overseeing security standards in the logistics industry.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has granted seven of Nightline’s Irish depots its highest possible rating. Two years after the carrier’s main depot in Dublin was awarded TAPA ‘A’ status, its facilities at Belfast, Sligo, Galway, Waterford, Limerick and Cork have achieved the same distinction. The company’s two new depots – a second site in Dublin and one in Tralee – are likely to be considered for certification by TAPA in the coming year.

Nightline CEO John Tuohy said the recognition capped a year in which his company had experienced significant additional growth and marked two decades in business.

“Since we first secured TAPA ‘A’ certification for our main Dublin depot, every other premises has seen tremendous expansion – both physically and in terms of the volumes of parcel traffic which they handle.  Even though we opened two new depots only very recently to cope those extra volumes, work is already well underway to bring them up to the exacting standards of TAPA, our clients and, of course, ourselves.”

“That we have been able to grow and actually make further improvements to our security is as reassuring for myself and my colleagues as it should be for our clients, on whose behalf we are moving an ever-increasing volume of commercial and data-sensitive materials.” John Tuohy, Nightline CEO

The Irish firm is now believed to have one of the highest concentrations of TAPA ‘A’ certified premises operated by a single carrier anywhere in Europe.Nightline’s TAPA success follows rigorous examination of its security credentials.

Since opening for business in May 1992, Nightline has become the carrier of choice for internationally-renowned mobile ‘phone, tobacco, pharmaceutical, retail, leisure and computer brands. It is now responsible for transporting more than one-in-four of all the parcels carried on Irish roads.

TAPA brings together various leading manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers and law enforcement agencies with the goal of improving security of traffic.

The body has developed a freight security standard, recognised through the world, to determine acceptable security requirements and the methods to be used in meeting those criteria.

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Posted on 19/09/2014