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Nightline’s long journey from the spare bedroom to a Parcel Motel

Nightline’s long journey from the spare bedroom to a Parcel Motel

Sean Gallagher recently wrote about the growth of Nightline from a spare bedroom in 1992 to nationwide delivery of more  than 1,200,000 parcels in December 2014 in an article in the Sunday Independent.  
At Nightline we believe in innovation and we want to work with Irish businesses big and small including start ups to deliver their goods throughout Ireland, Europe and the world.

Their story is a real inspiration to all those who have ever thought of starting their own business. It is proof that all you need is to identify a gap in the market, develop the skills and the mindset to exploit that opportunity and be willing to fully commit yourself to making it a success.

If it is true that most of the regrets in our lives are caused not by the things we do but by the things we leave undone, John and Dave need have no such regrets. 

Sean Gallagher

John's advice for all budding entrepreneurs out there

Go for it
"If you have an idea about how to make a difference and the drive to make it happen, you don't want to look back in the future and regret not doing something about it."

Aim high
"Aspire to excellence in business and do your best to constantly maintain those standards. If you do, that attitude will rub off on clients and colleagues alike."

Be prepared
"Dynamism is nothing without a well-thought-out strategy. Being able to show that you have considered all options before you act gains respect from others."


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Posted on 19/02/15